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Expect to Wait Another Four Years for AVATAR 2

Producer John Landau was in attendance for a preview screening of James Cameron’s 3D version of Titanic. At the event he said the sequel to Avatar is still four years away.

According to Landau this morning, the first sequel is “four years away.”

So that’s 2016 by a literal count, though we could be bendy and assume that Christmas 2015 would also be an option. Expect Avatar 3 a year later, as the performance capture and cinematography would take place back-to-back with the second film.

Landau promised that Avatar 2 was going to showcase advanced technology, from the 3D camera system used to the CG and performance capture, but also in terms of a higher framerate. This, he says, is the new frontier that he and Cameron are most interested in pushing. -


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